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Activities and Products

We are beekeepers!

We are a small portuguese enterprise; we produce and sell honey and other hive products. Currently, our main apiaries are located in remote forest areas of abundant and varied spontaneous flora. Our apiaries are certified by SATIVA and managed in line with Organic Production rules, to ensure the quality of our products.


Tourism: Environmental - Educational

Enjoy a perfect day at TAPADA NACIONAL DE MAFRA or

We prepared a unique experience for you, to learn about bee's life and the hive organization.


We propose a range of activities classified as eco-tourism or rural tourism because they offers close contact with the "know-how" of a rural activity sustained by a relation of perfect harmony with the environment -  in fact that is the only way to assure the quality of bee products .


We offer several activities for different ages: contact us to learn more about the programs and the conditions – English spoken.


Come to meet our bees!! Beekeeper experience: become a beekeeper for half a day.

Products - Honey and Polen

APISTRELA - Flor de Mel

Rosemary or Multi-flower Honey


The gourmet line – the best Portuguese honey bottled in to small and precious jars.


Portuguese honey - the sweet flavours of portuguese flowers.
A single portuguese souvenir in a small design jar - the best of Portugal.


For honey and polen lovers.

The same quality in a bigger jar.  

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